Advertising Products that
Guarantee Outcomes.

We live in a connected world where devices are an essential part of your being, not just a toy or luxury. That’s why Light Reaction provides finely tuned ad products based on proven research.

  • Mobile Performance

    Reach Mobile audiences the right way, to drive real outcomes

    This product is built specifically for smartphones and tablets. Why? Because 84% of the worldwide phone users can’t go a single day without their mobile device in their hand.

    Mobile formats

    To reach this vast and growing audience, Light Reaction serves up the highest-performing ad formats, including rich media, interstitials, and high-impact videos.

    Mobile-specific Optimization

    We optimize media to drive real outcomes for the brand. To optimize performance, we detect and redirect media to outperforming devices (tablet/smartphone) and locations. The result of this strategic formula: qualified traffic to your app or mobile site at scale.
  • Mobile Re-Engagement

    Smart retargeting strategies that drive users back

    This product was developed to re-engage with customers who have abandoned their shopping basket, or readdress users to take them further in terms of engagement. It addresses the fact that the majority of apps that are installed are rarely used beyond a handful of sessions, with a full 25 percent of downloaded apps used only once.

    Create more opportunities

    With the average user touching their smartphone 150 times per day, there are plenty of opportunities to re-contact users and drive real outcomes.

    Take the customer relationship further

    Performance is not just about boosting traffic, it is also about building long-term relationships with the customer by addressing them in a relevant way. To do so we are able to tailor the message based on in-app activity and user recency.

  • App Performance

    Outcome-driven approach, from app installs to app engagements

    We drive installs at scale and can pre-load apps on new devices. We optimize for quality installs that drive real engagement after the install.

    Deliver real outcomes

    Brands can drive a broad range of outcomes such as app registration, in-app purchases, subscription sign-ups and other types of app usage.

    Establish quality relationships

    Consumers are constantly bombarded with other options so quality engagement is key. Build an engaged mobile audience that extends beyond the initial install and drive real outcomes on mobile.

  • Desktop Performance

    Rich, dynamic ads with proven track records

    This product puts a new spin on traditional desktop display ad plans. Combine dynamic creative, vast audience data and real-time technology to drive real outcomes.

    Guaranteed results

    Each desktop display ad is optimized to the chosen KPI (such as engagements, leads or conversions). Our experts analyze the data daily to bring you guaranteed outcomes unlike any other in the industry.

    Quality is key

    Performance does not come at the expense of brand safety – quality of environment helps drive better performance and outcomes for clients

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