How We Use This Information

Light Reaction processes the information it collects and receives for the purposes of providing the Services to clients which we have explained above, as well as for administrative, security and compliance purposes. Specifically, we carry out the following activities:

Ad Selection, Delivery, Reporting
We analyze the information collected when client advertising is delivered using our Services and information received from our partners. We organize this information into collections of IDs (which we call segments), based on various components of the User Information we explained above. For example, we may have segments of IDs that visit sports Sites. Our clients can then use our Services to use these segments to deliver Interest-Based Advertising on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients, using our partners and service providers. This advertising may be delivered across computers, smartphones, and other devices.

We may also integrate (and use for the same purposes) User Information obtained from other carefully selected companies (including Site owners, data providers and data aggregators).

We also make use of the internal identifier of our affiliate [m]PLATFORM, called "[mP]ID". We use the [mP]ID to associate information relating to browsers, environments and/or devices that we, or [m]PLATFORM, reasonably believe belong to the same user. This helps us to provide more useful and relevant advertising to a specific user, regardless of the browser, environment or device.

In order to provide our client-specific personalization Services, we:
- collect information on each client's Sites (this includes websites, apps, and other digital properties) — as described above in "How We Collect Information through Our Services";
- access or store this information on devices (via cookie IDs and advertising IDs, as applicable); and
- analyze the information collected, sometimes with other information received from the client and organize it into segments of IDs, based on the various User Information.

Our clients can then use these segments to deliver, on their own behalf or on behalf of their clients, Interest-Based Advertising to users on their computers, phones, and other mobile devices (this is through a variety of means).

Where we are providing this client-specific personalization, the segments that we build for one client are logically segregated from the segments and data of other clients. Data collected in this way, and the segments produced, can only be used on behalf of the specific client.

We process User Information to deliver advertisements and measure the delivery of these advertisements, to learn about what factors make advertising successful or unsuccessful for advertisers, and to generate reports to understand and improve Service usage and advertising effectiveness.

Storage and Access of Information
In order to provide our Services, we store Mookie cookies on the browser(s) of individuals to whom we have delivered advertising and then recognize the Mookie cookies when that browser(s) is used to access websites of our clients and publishers we work with. Sites on which we are dropping and/or reading Mookie cookies (or seek to drop and/or read Mookie cookies) should tell you about the use of third-party cookies (and, in particular, Mookie cookies specifically, where required by law), on those Sites. In the data feeds we receive from our partners in connection with the delivery of digital advertising in mobile application environments we also receive advertising IDs associated with users' mobile device platforms/operating systems and recognize these advertising IDs.

We use the information collected and received for Interest-Based Advertising, such as:
- Matching Data to Offline Sources — as indicated above under "User Information received from third parties":
• We receive offline User Information, including demographic and interest information, from other companies, including our clients, partners and service providers, that is collected outside the Services and is provided to us for use in our Services. It is the responsibility of those companies collecting that data to do so in an appropriate and legal way, and to permit sharing that information with us for our purposes.
• When we receive offline User Information, this information is provided to us via a service provider in conjunction with a cookie ID, advertising ID, or similar user ID that identifies a customer or consumer to the client or service provider.
• We do not receive any names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or similar data that would enable identification of a particular individual connected with the IDs we receive.

- Linking Devices — we make use of the internal [mP]ID identifier of our affiliate [m]PLATFORM to associate information relating to browsers, environments, and/or devices that [m]PLATFORM or we, reasonably believe belong to the same user, in order to help provide more useful and relevant advertising regardless of browser, environment, or device.

- Precise Geographic Location Data — when we have the necessary rights to do so, we may receive and/or use a user's precise geographic location data in connection with our Services. Where we collect this type of data it is provided in the data feed we receive from our partners in connection with the delivery of digital advertising.

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