Light Reaction Services

Light Reaction does not provide its advertising-related services ("Services") directly to consumers. Instead, our clients are corporate businesses, including advertisers and agencies. Our clients include other GroupM and WPP group companies, which in turn perform advertising-related services for their own clients.

Our clients use our Services, on their own behalf and/or on behalf of their own clients, to help them understand the advertising that the clients deliver online (e.g. what sites it was delivered on, who saw it and whether or not anyone interacted with it) and to improve the effectiveness of that advertising and we also help them to try to deliver advertising to consumers who are more likely to be interested in their products and services.

When we help clients to select audiences to deliver their advertising to, we use certain demographic information (such as age, gender, education, income and household status (e.g., number of children)), geography, interests, activities, and similar information ("User Information"). We call this type of advertising "Interest-Based Advertising".

For example, if we think that a user is interested in mobile phone options, then our Services may help our clients deliver Interest-Based Advertisements to that user about a particular type of mobile phone product or service, as follows:

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