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Insights + Transparency = Performance Success

By Kevin van der Straat, Head of Light Reaction, Netherlands

To deliver the best possible outcomes for performance advertising campaigns in a very competitive market, we've had to constantly innovate, developing new insights while being transparent with clients about our methods in order to deliver quality, innovation and gain their trust.

To get there, we focus on technology that we make easily accessible through optimization and analysis tools developed by Xaxis, Light Reaction’s parent company. These analysis tools are made comprehensive, manageable and operable for all people. These tools contribute greatly to the optimization process and eventually the client’s results.

To explain how we help clients succeed, it helps to first lay out the three main interrelated components that need to be elevated for an effective performance campaign

1. Media: We have to make sure that we buy brand-safe placements in quality media and that we buy the best-performing positions in each web site or app, as explained more below.

2. Creative: We can be dynamic and flexible with advertising creative to make sure every campaign delivers the right message with the right look, feel and call to action to the right person.

3. Optimization and Insights: Advanced optimization based on quality insights provide the “wow" factor that makes clients enthusiastically come back and want to run more performance. In order to convert cold leads to warm leads and finally to hot leads we build on three important insights: Campaign insights, Client insights and analytics. We then match these insights against the billions of data points and audience insights we get from our proprietary Turbine DMP.

We then aim to achieve the best outcomes possible by optimizing for a host of performance factors such as:

Exposure Time. Everyone knows that to be effective, ads have to be viewable. We demand viewability then look deeper at Ad interaction and exposure time. Not just whether the ad was seen, but how long and which frequency is best to get a particular user to convert.

Geography, Time and Device. With the high penetration of devices amongst the audiences we target, it’s crucial to make sure we're reaching the right person in the right location at the right time in a way that works for the screen they're looking at.

Media Placements. We look at the placements within individual web pages and apps to make sure we're using the absolute best-performing spots for the type of campaign goal. We call this Placement ID, and it marks a breakthrough in efficiently targeting and finding just the right places to show our clients' messages.

It used to be that performance campaigns were measured and optimized at the domain level or even RON level. If a particular website underperformed, the entire site would be blacklisted from showing further ads.


The Non-Secret Sauce: Transparency

Perhaps the most important ingredient to our success is that despite all our technology, proprietary data, quality media and expertise, we are never a black box. We share our insights, tooling and methods openly with clients, showing them how we have come to specific outcomes.

That way, we build trust over time that forms strong relationships, giving clients the confidence to share crucial information that in turn gives us the ammunition to make campaigns more and more effective.

When combining client insights with custom algorithms for performance, we see many opportunities. As one example, an airline might be trying to sell tickets in a competitive and seasonality driven market. With client data on what days and times are strongest for sales, we can build the algorithm to prioritize ad buying to time slots within custom media for when ticket sales are highest and with that, eliminating any waste

Combining insights with transparency, we are able to create performance campaigns that reach the right people in the right places, on the right devices, at the right times, on the best websites and apps, and in just the right spots.

That mix delivers what we promise: the performance outcomes our clients need.


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