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'Creative Convergence' Accelerates Programmatic Advertising Performance

By Rosa Markarian, VP, Global Business Operations

Programmatic advertising technology powers Light Reaction's cross-device performance advertising campaigns, enabling advertisers to achieve real outcomes—app downloads, e-commerce sales, newsletter signups, appointments for face-to-face demonstrations, and many others.

This technology could produce even better results, though, if the advertising creative were as closely tailored to the individual viewer as ad placement is today. Creative and media decisions have traditionally been made by different teams at different times, but our experience clearly shows that “creative convergence," or a closer alignment of the creative and media selection processes, acts as an accelerant to incrementally improve campaign outcomes.

Think of all the levers programmatic technology uses on the media side. Take a retail app, for example. While using the app, data is collected on the user’s behavior and habits, which will provide the information to deliver customized ads based on user segmentation. For instance, if the user is segmented as a ‘cart abandoner’, they will be delivered an ad reminding them of the items in their cart. If the user has been absent from the app for some time, they will be delivered an ad urging them to return and perhaps be offered free shipping. Or, if the user is un-registered, they could receive an ad prompting them to sign up and receive a percentage off their first order. Though the actual offerings and ads are dependent upon the desired performance outcome, the use of data collection to generate user segmentation allows for more advanced media selection to align with the user’s behavior, leveraging opportunities for real outcomes.

Because the creative was designed for multiple audiences, the users will see messages adhere to their needs and increase performance. After these ads are programmatically delivered to the right device at the right time, in the right format with the right messaging many of the users will take the actions prompted.

Simply put, messaging and ad format have a huge impact on driving consumers to take action.

In the past, creating dozens or hundreds of different ads to reach different ad targets was costly, time consuming and incredibly inefficient, but programmatic technology automates the composition of hundreds, even thousands, of individualized advertising messages from a much more practical number of interchangeable components.

It is time for advertisers to demand that creative and media agencies take advantage of the capabilities of programmatic technology by working together more closely. Creative people, often under the misconception that programmatic is diminishing the importance of creativity, will find that they are more needed than ever in a programmatic world. The complexity of these campaigns, in fact, will increase opportunities for creative professionals and agencies who embrace the challenge.

Because we can support a wide variety of ad formats and optimize them across all devices, Light Reaction and our partner companies within WPP are eager to move the industry toward creative convergence. We believe this new way of working will be able to reignite creativity and boost advertising performance for real outcomes.

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