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Who We Are

Light Reaction is the answer to the twenty-first century marketer’s dilemma. How do we effectively connect audiences with quality media to drive quality outcomes?

Since the advent of advertising, the industry has continually adapted. Today, Light Reaction is the next step in the ongoing evolution of digital advertising:


Light Reaction launches


first ad with dynamic creative


first programmatic ad


first search ad keyword auction


first clickable Banner

Born from the digital brilliance of Xaxis (the world's largest programmatic media and audience platform), Light Reaction leverages technology designed to assess, manage, optimize and measure risk in real time. Light Reaction turns cross-screen consumer visits into big rewards for both the business and brands it services.

We have established the core building blocks of the performance advertising business: a global audience data platform, high-quality, high-performing media inventory, and real-time programmatic technology. All priced on a cost per outcome basis – our clients only pay when performance objectives are met.

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